My job with Vulcan recently ended unceremoniously with an abrupt meeting with HR informing me that my position was being eliminated and it was my last day. I had a good run - 3+ years - and gained a great amount of experience as part of an engineering team. This exposed me to the inner workings of software development as a discipline and as a career. However, my skillset was never fully valued or understood - this is something which I needed to communicate better and to a wider audience.

After a brief break, I have decided to restart my consulting practice which was largely dormant for the better part of 3 years. My skillset, interests, network, and future direction are all pointing me towards this. My skillset is a mix of data curation - mostly for large scale wildlife survey data and geospatial data related to protected area boundaries and infrastructure. I have regional experience with conservation issues, organizations, and datasets, pertaining to the Pacific Northwest (US), and in eastern and central Africa. My technical interests include data visualization, curation, analysis, and storytelling - and learning new tools.

My topical focus remains wildlife conservation and international development, while my professional network runs the gamut of geospatial consultants, development professionals, wildlife scientists, digital humanitarians, and nonprofit staff.

My future direction is not yet charted out but my spouse and I have dreams. She is an outstanding multidisciplinary wildlife scientist who is currently putting a bow on her PhD. Together, we make a powerful team and we look forward to having the opportunity to direct applied conservation research.

There remains loads of work to do in the conservation and environment space and I am betting hard on myself to be able to contribute significantly to efforts of different organizations to address challenges. Follow along to see where my journey takes me!

Written on July 24, 2018