Hi there! My name is Joel Masselink.

Joel Masselink

I am a GIS developer at Vulcan Technology in Seattle, Washington where I work on geospatial data and tools for cutting-edge conservation technology projects.

I am a proud member of OpenStreetMap US and Society for Conservation GIS. I enjoy working on MissingMaps / Humanitarian OpenStreetMap projects, open source GIS, and Python scripting.

To this point in my career, my work relates to working with geospatial data and mapping, mostly in the international conservation sector. Check out my resume for more details about my career.

In my spare time, I volunteer for Tusubira, a nonprofit organization which supports education and women’s empowerment in eastern Uganda. My role is treasurer and fundraising.

Outside of work, I like to travel, cat-sit, watch birds, read, exercise, and watch sports.

Lately, I’ve enjoyed working on OpenStreetMap and contributing my geographic knowledge to the OSM platform - a free, editable, and usable map of the world.

-> my username on OpenStreetMap: mbela

-> here’s my How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap? user profile courtesy of Pascal Neis

Here are a few Leaflet maps that I’m working on:

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